Sonic the Stick Insect

One of our classroom families very kindly gifted us a stick insect to keep as a classroom pet! We were so excited. Everyone submitted their name ideas, then we voted on a few of the most popular choices. After a long democratic process, our stick insect was named Sonic!

Everyone has been so kind and careful handling Sonic. Some of us were a bit scared at first, but then we realised that Sonic is not scary and can’t hurt us. It is good to be brave and try new things, even if they feel a bit scary at first!

Stick insects like to eat leaves – we can see the holes he munches in the leaves we give him. He likes to walk when we take him out. He is growing quickly! Stay tuned for more updates!


These were the three names on which we did a final vote.
We watched some videos on how to care for stick insects.
Everyone got to submit their name idea. Look how creative and imaginative our ideas were!
This is Sonic in his jar. He has plenty of space, air, water and yummy leaves to munch on.


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