Junior Infants

February 7th

The children hard at work – well and truly settled into our new building

February 3rd

So much excitement! We moved into our new building and the children were delighted. It was hard to capture the moment because the children where so excited and couldn’t stay still for long! They love their new classroom and their Aistear room. There is so much room for them to play πŸ™‚

Our new Junior Infants Classroom
Our new Aistear Room

November 4th

Some of the Mums came in to teach us all about Diwali. We had lovely food, did fun activities and learned lots. Thanks so much to Geetha, Leelavathi, Payal, Shireesha and Suriya for a very enjoyable and informative few hours. We really were delighted to learn all these new things.

October 25th

Diwali preparations are well underway and excitement is mounting for everyone…

October 24th

What a wonderful way to discover all about Samhain or Halloween. A very special thank you must be given to Elaine, Farrah and John as well as all the other parents who joined in.

This morning parents of our Junior infants class came into the school to explain the origins of Halloween beginning with…

It started long ago in Celtic times…”

Needless to say the children where enthralled with the wonderful presentation. However, it didn’t stop there. They learned all about the PΓΊca,  a creature of Celtic folklore. The children also enjoyed a game of Snap Apple (already getting in one of their five a day) and some delightful crafts.

Tomorrow we will be learning all about Diwali