April 2022

Paintbrushes? Not today! Today we painted with cars. Look at all the unusual patterns and textures they made on the paper!!

We went to Airfield Farm on a school trip! Junior Infants, Senior Infants AND 1st Class went! We got the Luas and walked up to the farm. We saw cows being milked, baby calves, sheep, donkeys, chickens and goats. We played in the playground, on the big tyre swing, the slides and the climbing frames. Then we went for a picnic on the Front Lawn and climbed the big, old trees. The sun was shining and everyone had a great day! Thank you to the parents who came with us. 

We have learned about Ramadan, which takes place this month. We have learned about the different ways some Muslims celebrate Ramadan, and we made these colourful stars to mark the start of Ramadan!

March 2022

Our theme this month is spring, so we have been learning all about the garden centre, plants and animals and the weather. Here are some photos of our play!

We were so excited because we went to visit Woodies! We have been learning all about the garden centre in Aistear so we went to see a REAL garden centre. We saw lots of pretty plants and flowers, seeds, watering cans, garden hoses, garden gnomes and lots more. We even bought a plant for our classroom! 

Everyone did a really good job at walking in line, holding their partner’s hand and following the adults’ directions. It is important that we do those things so we can all stay safe. We are looking forward to going on more trips together soon!

We love doing yoga and meditations! They help us learn about our bodies and stay calm and feel grounded and safe. 

We are so excited in Junior Infants because we received a letter from Bella Butterfly! She asked us if she could send us some caterpillars to look after. We are very busy preparing for their arrival. We can’t wait to tell you all about them!

We planted radish, salad and pea seeds. Some of them are starting to sprout already! We have 2 new ‘gardeners’ each day who spray the plants with water to help them grow. We know that plants need sunlight, soil or compost and water to grow. 

We had a Happy Hat Day! Everybody wore a special hat into school and we had a parade and did lots of dancing! We raised lots of money for the school and Pieta House. Everybody loved seeing all the hats that people made! We read the story ‘Millie’s Marvellous Hat’ by Satoshi Kitamura at the end of the day. It was great fun!

February 2022

‘Love Monster’ by Rachel Bright is a book we really enjoyed this month. We even made our own Love Monsters – what do you think? We LOVE them! 

Our theme for February was places. We have been talking and learning about lots of places that are important to us in Junior Infants. Look at our map! Isn’t it amazing the connections our small class has around the whole world. We are world citizens and we love it! Thank you to all the parents for helping contribute to our display. 

We learned about Lunar New Year and tried some Asian foods. What was your favourite? We tried noodles, spring rolls, bread, coconut cake, rice crackers and oranges. This year is the year of the tiger.

January 2022

We coloured and painted our imaginations! We love how they are all so different and so beautiful. 

We have been learning all about toys this month! We examined some really old toys like a toy telephone, a record player, a doll and some cars and trains. We drew pictures and talked all about our own favourite toys and got to share pictures of them with the class!

Check out our photos from our shape walk! We went hunting for circles, squares, rectangles, triangles and ovals around the school!

Our theme this month has been play and sports. In the Aistear room, we have been playing in our very own bowling alley, designing sports jerseys, playing board games, doing puzzles, playing in our small world football pitch and much more! 

In Junior Infants, we love making pairs and talking about patterns and things that match. Can you spot something matching in this picture of two of our classmates?!

December 2021

We’ve had a wonderful time with jigsaw puzzles this month. The children are learning to collaborate and work together in a team to complete the puzzles. We also talked about how our class is like a jigsaw puzzle – we are all different, but we are all so important and when we are together we make a beautiful picture! We designed puzzle pieces to represent each of us and made our own class jigsaw where ‘We All Fit Together’. 

We have also been exploring the theme of winter this month. Our class and Becky’s class used Lego blocks to print igloos on coloured card. We used the bottom of the blocks for the bricks of our igloos and the top side for the dots of snow. We had great fun!

November 2021

This week in Junior Infants we had a very special visitor! Scientist Shane Bergin came to talk to us about science and read us some stories from his book. We heard stories about Peigí the dog and her adventures in space. We really enjoyed it!

Everyone was all smiles in class today, even though there were witches and ghouls about!

We have been having a great time since we started school. We have been getting to know each other and have been learning all about our new school and our teachers. We have learnt all about the sounds t, a and s. We have also been working on making pairs and finding out all about things that are the same and different.

Last week we began going daily to our “Aistear Room” where we are learning together through play. This month’s themes in the Aistear room are “Myself” and “The Doctors.” We have been playing in our doctor’s surgery, building hospitals with Lego, playing with playdough, making people by cutting out magazines and learning some games with rules. It is so much fun getting to know each other, playing on the yard together and learning together in the classroom.


Welcome to Goatstown/Stillorgan Educate Together National School

We are a new primary school for the Goatstown/Stillorgan/DunLaoghaire Rathdown area that opened for the first time in September 2019 taking in Junior Infants only.  We will expand year on year up to 6th Class.

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