We have three classes this year, Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 1st Class. Each year we will add a new class until we reach 6th Class.

June 24 2021

Our Parents Association organised a Magic Show for all our pupils and staff. It went down a treat!

March 1st 2021

The atmosphere was electric in the school yesterday as we welcomed our students (both new and old) back. It was wonderful to see everyone and to catch up face-to-face. Not a tear in sight! What fantastic students we have.

Spring is the theme this week in Junior and Senior Infants and it couldn’t be more appropriate.  The student’s enthusiasm has removed the starkness of our hallways and shined light and warmth throughout our school (with the help of electricity and gas!).  The halls are alive with their singing and laughter.  Our school has been restored!